Act of consecration to the sacred heart of Jesus

Act of consecration to the sacred heart of Jesus

Lord Jesus Christ,

I consecrate myself today anew, and without reserve to Your Divine Heart.

I consecrate to You my body with all its senses, my soul with all its faculties, my entire being.

I consecrate to You all my thoughts, words and deeds, all my sufferings, and labours, all my hopes, consolations and joys.

In particular, I consecrate to You this poor heart of mine,

so that it may love only You, and maybe consumed as a victim, in the fire of Your Love

I place my trust in You without reserve,

and I hope for the remission of my sins, through Your infinite mercy.

I place within Your hands, all my cares and anxieties.

I promise to Love you, and to honor You, till the last moment of my life,

and to spread as much as I can, devotion to Your Most Sacred Heart.

Do with me what you will, my Jesus.

I deserve no other regard, except your greater glory and Your Holy Love.

Take this offering of my self, and give me a place within Your Divine Heart

forever Amen

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