# 4 The Way (St. Maximilian’s Unpublished Writings #1270)

# 4 The Way (St. Maximilian’s Unpublished Writings #1270)

Yet the goal is so far off and so grand that one might say: “I struggle to see the path I need to follow in order to reach it.”

That is true.  But could God, who infinitely loves His creatures, possibly fail to show us the way?  Could He possibly fail to help us achieve that goal?

At various times in human existence a number of people, often wise and devout, have come up with ways to achieve human happiness.  Yet taking all their pronouncements together, we see that they are really quite inconsistent. The truth, however, can be one only, regardless of time, place or nation.  When you add 3 and 2 you get 5: Why?  Because that is the truth.

Therefore, when we come across the discrepancies in the teachings of those wise people, we need to see where the truth lies.

At this point, however, you might say, Oh! But I have neither the time nor the skills to undertake such quest.  How could I possibly find the right path then? That is quite true.  Not everyone can delve deep into religious studies.  Yet we are given a sign, a sort of divine “han,”(a personal stamp in Japanese characters)  which confirms a doctrine as authentic: namely a true miracle.  Only God can work miracles, so if we find them somewhere, we have reliable assurance from God.

Also, in history, and in the books of the New Testament, we read that Jesus Christ, in order to prove the authenticity of His doctrine, had promised that He would be crucified and would rise again after three days.  And that is exactly what happened, so much so that His disciples did not hesitate to suffer death to uphold that truth.  What He taught, then, must be the truth.

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             1) The Works of the Man-God

             2) The identity of sin

Hence His Virgin Mother

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