Reflection on St. Maximilian Kolbe’s article #1010

Reflection on St. Maximilian Kolbe’s article #1010 (Rycerz Niepokalanej, June 1922)

“God has assigned each person a specific mission in this world as He created the universe.” MK, June 1922

When one thinks of how many people in the world have existed and continues to exist and be created in the future, this statement from St. Maximilian’s article seems almost unbelievable. It begs the question, how can we possibly know what plan God has for each of our lives?  For one thing, many people do not believe in a personal God who wants to have a close relationship with each one of us.  Does that mean God has no purpose for such a person’s life? Of course not, as many converts to the faith testify that their lives became meaningful when they opened their hearts and minds to the presence of the living God in the circumstances of their lives.

If the faithful believe in God Who wants to have a personal relationship with His creatures and he/she responds accordingly, doesn’t that testify to the dignity of each human being?  By our very nature, we are so very insignificant and unworthy of such a relationship with our Creator, but that communion in itself is an important indicator that points to a very noble purpose for being created. Who are we that God should want to converse and walk with human beings?  The psalmist and prophets asked that very question long ago in the Old Testament.  A .personal relationship with God implies a special path that one follows that leads to one’s eternal destiny to live in union with the Creator.

The question is, “how do we find the specific path that will lead us to our eternal destiny?” St. Maximilian says, “varied and countless are the ways in which God leads the saints to a sublime destiny. He often strengthens the inclinations of nature with supernatural gifts…..Yet, at times, He demands that those inclinations of nature be sacrificed, whenever it is necessary for a higher formation of the soul.”  When we are open to God’s guidance and inspirations, He “must train them (saints) in various ways and molds the individual according to His plan.”  Concerning the role and purpose of our life in God’s plan, that is a gradual process that unfolds and develops in the circumstances of our daily life. In our myopic human vision, the hand of God at work in our life cannot be seen in the big picture. So we fail to realize He never abandons us even when we wander away.

We have a free will that often leads us into many detours, byways, highways and dead ends that draw us far away from the awareness of a loving God in our midst. However, He continues to pursue us wherever we roam till we discover His presence and choose to follow His will when we decide to turn our minds and hearts back to Him. Some people sense His presence but choose to ignore it and follow the whims of their own will.  Those who follow His will are more open to His guidance and inspiration and allow the Holy Spirit to train and mold them in accordance with God’s plan as it unfolds in their life.  God’s purpose and particular role for our life may be a cause of anxiety for a while especially if we think we will have to do something that is beyond our talents, capacity or nature, but this is a temptation of the enemy to thwart our response to the Holy Spirit. Fear sets in that stymies our ability to respond with generosity to the will of God. Yet, God will not force us to accept His plan for our life since our response issues from the spirit of love. It is our acceptance of His Divine love that must be freely accepted without coercion. If we do not know or even believe in the all-powerful love of God, we tend to turn to many other false idols looking to satisfy this innate hunger for this divine love.  Jesus Christ came into the world to confirm the presence of God’s love and to lead us to His kingdom along the narrow way revealed in the Bible.

If we want to discover the purpose and role of God’s plan in our life, we have to follow Him day by day wherever He leads joyfully carrying our daily cross along the way.  Each cross is uniquely fitted to each person designed to fulfill God’s unique plan for the purpose of our creation.