# 1 Who You Are

# 1 Who You Are     (The Unpublished Writings of St. Maximilian Kolbe #1270 Vol. II)

Have you ever reflected at times, to find out who you are? Quite rightly, you feel superior to the irrational creatures around you, to stones, even if precious; to flowers, although pretty and attractive; to animals, though very useful. You feel you are master of what is around you, and rightly so. With pride you look at an airplane gliding by, you listen on the radio to music played at the other end of the earth, and you still expect to see many other inventions of human intelligence.

Who are you? You know you are able to reflect on yourself to know who you are, you have the power of reason. You also have the ability to postpone this reflection until a later time; you have freedom, freedom of will.

Even if you were shown many books by different authors, who had reasoned long and hard and maintained that you do not have free will, yet, at every moment, in the smallest of actions, even when it comes down to lifting a finger, you have the chance to rebut their sophistry. You can rightly assert that they are arguing a priori because they assume the nonexistence of free will and rig proofs that rule it out.  By doing that they sin against logic, which clearly requires an issue not to be judged in advance, but to be tested because the ground of demonstration is experience.  So, you are endowed with free will.  You are free, free lord of the creatures around you.  You are truly great.


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