Week 18 – Blessed are the Meek, for they shall inherit the earth

75th Anniversary of the Martyrdom of St. Maximilian Kolbe

Week 18 December 11-18

Blessed are the Meek, for they shall inherit the earth

Throughout the history of the world and the Scriptures, there are the meek, the anawim, and the
underdogs who lack social, political and economic power.

In the eyes of the world, these are the people who have no chance of ever inheriting the earth.
While the Beatitude about the poor challenges us in the way we think about our
possessions, perhaps this Beatitude challenges us with the way we try to get things done.

Oftentimes we use power, clout, and money to get our way.

This is the way of the world.

The Meek are the lowly ones in society

They are not caught up in the importance of their egos or their actions.
Maximilian always attempted the impossible because he knew that with God all things are

So he never relied on his money, his power or himself.

The Meek do not become disturbed at the power and authority of the world but trust in the
power and authority of God.

Throughout his life Maximilian faced obstacles.

He faced the obstacle of poor health, no money, no resources and ultimately the obstacle of

Because of his meekness, however, he never relied on himself in the face of these obstacles but
on God and Our Lady.

Meekness strips away all fall pretensions and the need for power, glory or recognition.
It is not concerned with what others think but only with the Truth.

Maximilian knew the Truth of God and Being Consecrated to The Immaculata.

This made him free from bitterness, revenge or anger.

Because While Meek rhymes with weak, it is its total opposite.

Those who are truly meek can never lose their dignity or their honor or self-worth even in the
dehumanizing death camp of Auschwitz for one’s value and human dignity does not come from
others but from within oneself where God dwells in the very depths and recesses of our being.

Our Meekness allows God to be revealed.

This is what Consecration is all about.

Allowing Our Lady to work through us.

Allowing Our Lady to be revealed through us.

In the face of persecution and misunderstanding, it is not anger or argument or force, but
meekness that is the best and first response.

So Maximilian always responded with meekness in the face of Nazi brutality and torture.

Because he knew it was not the powerful but The Meek who would inherit the earth for the
powerful do not love the earth.

They abuse it and rape it.

The Meek however realize that the land is not theirs.
It is a gift from God.
Maximilian knew that everything,
His Franciscan vocation,
His priesthood,
Niepekalanow and the mission in Japan,
Even his martyrdom in Auschwitz
Were all gifts from God.

All of our life we strive to possess things.
We strive to Possess the condo, the job, the degree, the second car and house, the
recognition and security, failing to realize that all we have and possess comes not from our own
doing or resources but from God.

The Meek recognize the giftedness of all things.
All things in the end come from the earth and the earth’s is the Lord’s who made it.
All is a gift from God.
And in the end will return to Him.
Maximilian ultimately knew this in his nakedness and starvation in the death cell of Auschwitz.

And in his meekness, he gave everything back to God,
His vocation,
His priesthood,
Niepekalanow and Japan,
His very life.

In his meekness, Maximilian inherited the earth as his ashes were spread across the fields after
his body cremated in Auschwitz.

Prayer: Jesus meek and humble of heart, make my heart like yours.

Meditation and questions

1. Who are the Meek and Lowly in the world?
2. How does the world treat them?
3. How do we respond in the face of power or oppression?
4. Who are the Meek who have been victorious?