Week 21 Blessed are the pure in heart

75th anniversary of the Martyrdom of St. Maximilian Kolbe

Week 21

Blessed are the Pure in Heart.

In the Old Testament purity had to do primarily with ritual life and its disciplines: foods that could not be eaten such as pork, ritual washings and ablutions of cups and dishes andone’s own body.
But through the prophets, purity came to be seen as an inner quality as well.
Ezechiel the prophet spoke about God taking away our stony hearts and giving us new hearts.
Jeremiah the prophet spoke about God writing His law within our hearts.
The Psalms speak of creating a clean heart and renewing a steadfast spirit in us. Psalm 51:10
The word “Heart” is found throughout the New Testament.
1. Where your treasure is there is your heart. Mt.6:21
2. Unless you forgive your brother from your heart. Mt.18:35
3. You must love the Lord with all of your heart. Mt.22:37
4. Mary treasured all these things in her heart. Lk.2:19
5. Do not let your hearts be troubled. Jn.14:27
6. Did not our hearts burn within us as He talked to us?Lk.24:32
Jesus taught that we should learn from Him for He is Gentle and Humble of Heart.
Those who are not pure of heart see the world and others not with the eyes of God but with what is in their own hearts, pride, envy, anger, and greed.
Purity of heart clarifies the situation while those who are impure muddy the situation and the vision with their own sins and vices.
To have a pure heart is to see what God sees and see as God sees.
God sees that everything is good.
All that He created is good and has the capacity to be good even if it has fallen away from the good.
Total Consecration to the Immaculata is primarily an act of the heart.
Where by one gives one’s heart to the Immaculata and in return receives her Immaculate heart.
This is why the Beatitude of being Pure in Heart is so important.
For without it, one’s consecration is incomplete.
St. Maximilian’s Consecration to the Immaculata was complete precisely because he was pure in heart.
His treasure was the Immaculata and he kept her in his heart always.
He always forgave his brother from his heart, even the Nazis.
He loved God with all of his heart and his neighbor as himself as he gave up his life for another in Auschwitz.
And he never let his heart be troubled, for he trusted in the Immaculata even as Niepekalanow and Poland was being overrun by the Nazis and his life was being starved from him in the death bunker.
Nothing could sully his heart.
Nothing could keep him from a total and absolute consecration of his heart to the Immaculata.
Not loss, or suffering or even death.
Because he was pure in heart, Maximilian could always see the hand of God and Our Lady in everything, even in a concentration camp.
Prayer :
O Immaculata, may I always contemplate the mysteries of God with a pure heart so that I may see God’s hand in everything and never despair. And through your Spouse, the Holy Spirit, may I have a clean heart that reflects the glory and goodness of God.
Questions and meditations
1. What does it mean to be pure of heart?
2. What makes my heart impure?
3. How is my heart united with the Hearts of Jesus and Mary?
4. How is my heart divided from the Hearts of Jesus and Mary?
5. How does the Holy Spirit create a clean heart in me?