Week 22 – Blessed are the peace makers

75th Anniversary of the Martyrdom of St. Maximilian Kolbe

Blessed are the peace makers

Week 22

Blessed are the Peacemakers for they shall be called children of God. Mt. 5:9
How does one be a Peacemaker in a Concentration Camp?
Where there is beating, gassing, starvation and death everywhere?
Yet this is exactly what Maximilian Kolbe was in Auschwitz,
A Peacemaker!
How did he do it?
To those who were starving, he gave his bread.
When the Nazis beat him, he did not raise his voice.
He taught the other prisoners to pray for their guards.
And he stepped out of line for another prisoner.
And he sang songs and hymns and prayed in the starvation bunker.
Maximilian did not look for Peace in Auschwitz.
Because if he did, he would have found none.
Rather he looked for Peace within himself.
And because he had Peace in his own heart,
Not the Nazis,
Not a concentration camp,
Not even a starvation bunker could take it from him.
He had no anger,
No jealousy,
No revenge,
No selfishness,
No hatred in his heart.
How do we react when we are criticized, hurt, misunderstood, attacked, talked about, forgotten or ridiculed?
Is our first reaction one of Peace?
If so then we are Peacemakers like Maximilian.
If not then there is something else in our heart other than Peace.
Peace is a sign that we are children of God.
If Maximilian can be a Peacemaker in a concentration camp, can we not at least, be a Peacemaker at home, school, work, church and our neighborhood?
Prayer: Heavenly Father, may Your Son the Prince of Peace reign in our hearts at all times, at all occasions and in all places and circumstances.

Questions and Meditations :
1. How was Maximilian a man of Peace throughout his life?
2. What disturbs my Peace of mind?
3. How have I failed to be an instrument of Peace?
4. Where is Peace most needed in my daily life?
5. How do I pray and strive for Peace?