Week 46 – The Holy Spirit and the Immaculate Conception

75th Anniversary of the Martyrdom of St. Maximilian Kolbe
Week 46

The Holy Spirit and the Immaculate Conception
Christ Redeems, Reconciles, Saves, and Mediates
The Holy Spirit is Our Advocate Who Dwells within us and Sanctifies us.
The Holy Spirit is the Breathe in our lungs.
He is the Life of our souls,
He is the Light of our eyes
He is the Truth in our minds
And the Fire in our hearts.

The Holy Spirit is the Teacher who reminds us of everything Jesus said and did. Jn. 14:26
The Holy Spirit intercedes for us with inexpressible groanings. Rm. 8:27
The Holy Spirit prays for us when there are no words to express what we are thinking or feeling.
Rom. 8:26

No one can say “Jesus is Lord, except, through the Holy Spirit.” 1 Cor. 12:3
It is this same Holy Spirit who preserved Mary from Original Sin in the womb of St. Anne and filled her with grace.
It is the same Holy Spirit at Nazareth,
Who overshadowed Mary;
Who betrothed Himself to her;
And Who conceived the Son of God in her womb. Lk. 1:26-35

It is the same Holy Spirit who came upon her and the disciples as Fire in the upper room when they were at prayer. Acts. 1:14
In Marialis Cultus, Pope Paul VI wrote that Mary is the “permanent dwelling place” of the Holy Spirit.

Therefore, There can be no True Devotion to Mary that excludes a total, passionate, intimate, consecratory relationship with the Holy Spirit.
This is because the Holy Spirit and Mary are so perfectly united and one, that to exclude Mary is to exclude the Holy Spirit.
And to exclude the Holy Spirit is to exclude Mary.

In Mary we see
How we were Chosen before the world began. Eph. 1:4
How we were Called to be Holy and blameless; Eph. 1;4
How to be full of Love and Grace. Eph. 1:5, Lk. 1:28
How we too are Disciples and Mothers of the Lord, Mk. 3:35
How we too are Mediators of Christ Jn. 1:5 and co-redemptirixes. Jn. 19:25
While writers such as St. Louis de Montfort, emphasize Mary’s Divine Motherhood as being the basis for her mediation of grace,
St. Maximilian Kolbe views Mary’s mediation of grace from her intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit.
For as St. Maximillian Kolbe says, when we say “to Jesus through Mary,” we mean essentially the same thing as “to Jesus through the Holy Spirit.”

Because the Holy Spirit acts only in and through His Beloved Spouse, with whom He was so perfectly and intimately at Mary’s Immaculate Conception, at the Annunciation, at the upper room at Pentecost and Who continues to live and act through His Beloved Spouse for eternity in
the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Holy Spirit and His Beloved Spouse, the Immaculata live and move and act as one!
One heart;
One mind;
One Will;
One Life.

As the Immaculate Conception Mary was never separated from God by Original Sin or Personal sin. Her Union with the Holy Trinity was always total and perfect as will ours be in the Kingdom of Heaven where we too will be Immaculately Re-Concieved, born again.

Prayer :
Come Holy Spirit,
Make your dwelling within us as You did in Mary’s heart.
Fill us with grace so that we might be fruitful as was Mary.
Conceive through Faith the Son of God in us as you did in Mary’s womb.
Set our hearts on fire as You did Mary’s heart in the upper room.
And like the Immaculata, let us never be separated from You by sin.
Do this, All for the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Meditations and Questions
1. Who is the Holy Spirit?
2. What does the Holy Spirit do?
3. What is the relationship between Mary and the Holy Spirit?
4. What is my relationship with the Holy Spirit.